America’s Turkey Farmers

Talking Turkey: Seeing through the Myths on Cages, Factory Farms and Antibiotics

Commonsense and humor answer consumer curiosity in video series

Closing the distance from farm to fork, America’s turkey farmers, represented by the National Turkey Federation, have prepared a new series of videos and resources offering common-sense answers about raising healthy turkey flocks on family farms. Viewers see turkeys walk about freely and safely inside barns without cages, as well as learn how veterinarian-prescribed antibiotics are proven to clear an animal’s system before the meat is processed. The videos also share how healthy turkeys are raised on a nutritious diet of corn and soybeans along with vitamins and minerals, and how turkeys are farm-raised using smart technology and responsible stewardship of resources.


America’s Turkey Farmers website introduces the farmers, farmwork, and the food they provide for the consumer enjoyment of Turkey.The Perfect Protein®. The depth of experience and attention to caring for turkeys is detailed in the Stewardship Manual written and adopted by the country’s turkey farmers as members of the National Turkey Federation. Also below are concise fact sheets that display turkey’s lean protein options among a variety of cuts for meals throughout the week that can be grilled, baked, sautéed or served as snacks.

Turkey farm families live and work on the farmland they rely on year after year for productive land and clean water.

Tour a typical farm that’s involved in the growth and delivery of the nation’s 250 million turkeys each year with Temple Grandin PhD, leading animal welfare expert.