The National Turkey Federation is pleased with the confirmation of Dr. Scott Gottlieb as FDA Commissioner. Dr. Gottlieb’s record is promising for his support of judicious use of antibiotics and his statements in support of taking a balanced approach to addressing issues associated with antibiotics use.

In a follow-up response of interest to NTF, Dr. Gottlieb has acknowledged to Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Pat Roberts (R-KS) the importance of incorporating the sound judgment of those directly involved in the care of farm animals when discussing the prudent use of antibiotics, stating, “FDA should also consider input from, and be responsive to, other important stakeholders, such as the farmers, the agriculture industry, and veterinarians.  If confirmed, I would commit to working closely with these important stakeholders.”

Dr, Gottlieb was confirmed with a 57-42 vote and will be returning to the FDA after previously serving in the Bush Administration as Associate FDA Commissioner.