About the National Turkey Federation

Our Mission

To conduct activities aimed at strengthening the turkey farmers’ ability to responsibly provide wholesome products, and to raise awareness about the many health benefits associated with eating turkey.

About the National Turkey Federation

For more than 75 years of its history, the National Turkey Federation (NTF) has served as the national advocate for the turkey farmer and processors—representing their point of view to Congress and federal agencies.  NTF also tracks trends and identifies challenges unfolding in the public, legislative, regulatory, and news media that could potentially impact the entire industry. NTF’s professional staff helps members successfully bridge an understanding between the public and the producer.

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Member Services

Congressional & Regulatory Affairs
Legislative and regulatory insight and response on behalf of NTF members
Assistance resolving specific challenges created by legislative or regulatory action
Timely analysis of legislative and regulatory matters

Communications & Marketing
Up-to-date information on news, issues and developments
Experienced guidance in meeting consumer needs and reporters’ questions
Consumer information and evaluation of new trends in turkey production, sales and marketing

Meetings & Conferences
Annual convention for turkey growers, processors and our allied organizations
Networking with peers, clients and regulators for the most current industry information
Focused involvement for members’ interests through committees for technical, regulatory, marketing, communications and education

About our Members

Members of the National Turkey Federation include growers, processors, hatchers, breeders, distributors, allied services and state associations.

For information about membership in the National Turkey Federation, email info@turkeyfed.org.

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