Serve Turkey

Now is the Time for Turkey

Today’s consumers want it all —taste, convenience, value and healthfulness.  And turkey delivers! 

Now more than ever, America’s turkey farmers are making it easy for retail and food-service professionals to talk up and serve up today’s unexpected protein alternative. Delicious, versatile and available in a variety of cuts, turkey is naturally low in fat and provides immune-boosting nutrients like iron, zinc and potassium. It’s also packed with lean protein to keep people feeling full longer and satisfy their appetite for health and fitness. 

There are so many reasons to incorporate turkey into your menu.  No matter the occasion, style or cuisine, turkey is a viable choice for all of your favorite dishes.  

Turkey also stands strong against three key drivers of consumer decision-making:


Many retail stores carry turkey cuts and value-added product, packaged individually and properly sized for everyday meals. Some cuts, such as turkey tenderloin, are available pre-marinated and ready to roast or grill, depending on customer preferences.  Turkey can also be used interchangeably with chicken with small adjustments in cooking time. Simply put, turkey is as easy to prepare and serve as any other poultry or meat!


Perhaps what’s most unexpected about turkey is its taste. The dark meat, found in turkey legs, thighs and wings is especially succulent and flavorful. Turkey also drinks in the flavor of whatever seasonings or marinades it’s cooked with, making it a very versatile choice. From the All-American turkey burger, Asian stir-fry, turkey fajitas – or whatever else is on the menu – turkey is today’s unexpectedly flavorful (and delicious!) protein.


More good news: turkey is affordable, often lower than other center-plate protein alternatives. This means food-service professionals can enjoy better margins while offering customers something other than the “ordinary” bird. Try it as a daily special!  At retail, unfamiliarity means retail professionals may have to work harder to highlight turkey’s value to consumers.  Your weekly circular is a great place to promote turkey and start driving sales.