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It’s Time for Turkey

Today’s consumers want it all – taste, convenience, value and healthfulness – and turkey delivers. America’s turkey farmers are making it easier than ever to bring turkey to the table in a variety of delicious and nutritious ways.

Looking for a little inspiration in the kitchen or on the grill? Our extensive recipe archive is full of delicious turkey recipes that you’ll gobble up!

Need help with the Thanksgiving feast? Never cooked a whole turkey before? We’ve got everything you need to perfect your turkey game for the holidays and beyond.

Tasty, versatile and available in a variety of cuts, turkey is naturally low in fat and provides immune-boosting nutrients like iron, zinc and potassium. It’s also packed with lean protein to keep people feeling full longer and satisfy their appetite for health and fitness. Turkey also checks the box when it comes to three major consumer decisions:


Turkey is loaded with flavor, no matter how you prepare it. The dark meat, found in turkey legs, thighs and wings is especially succulent and flavorful. Turkey also drinks in whatever seasonings or marinades it’s cooked with, making it a versatile choice in any cuisine. From the All-American turkey burger to turkey fajitas – or any one of our delicious recipes – turkey is today’s unexpectedly flavorful protein.


Many retail stores carry turkey cuts and value-added product, packaged individually and sized right for everyday meals. Turkey can also be used interchangeably with chicken with small adjustments in cooking time. Simply put, turkey is as easy to prepare and serve as any other poultry or meat!


Turkey is affordable, often lower priced than other center-plate protein alternatives. Whether you’re a foodservice professional or cooking at home, you can enjoy turkey without breaking the bank.

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Join us on the road as we travel across the country for Turkey Smoke, NTF’s turkey-only barbecue competition. Through Turkey Smoke events, we’re showing pitmasters how turkey naturally fits into barbecue competitions of any caliber.

Our goal in creating the Turkey Smoke program and taking it nationwide is to increase demand for NTF members’ products by creating a new market and introducing potential customers and barbecue enthusiasts to this protein option. From the teams competing to the lucky passersby sampling, we have heard great feedback on the potential for turkey in barbecue. And we’re hungry for more! Learn more about Turkey Smoke.