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Strong federal agriculture policy is important in creating an environment where America’s turkey industry can thrive and continue to produce safe, healthy, quality products to help feed the world.

Your voice is crucial in advancing the turkey industry’s legislative and regulatory priorities in Washington. As family farmers and individuals working within – or in support of – the turkey industry, you have the best story to tell about how what happens in Washington affects your family.

Below are opportunities for you to engage with your lawmakers. Selecting the Take Action item generates a letter for your approval that is sent in your name directly to your representatives or a federal agency so that they can make informed decisions on issues that affect the turkey industry and the quality, price and safety of our food.

We hope you will stay engaged and actively support NTF’s efforts to see common sense regulatory and legislative policies implemented. Thank you in advance for your outreach.

Tell Congress to Support Turkey Industry Priorities in the 2018 Farm Bill

The National Turkey Federation is a leading member of the coalition pushing to get three new programs included in the 2018 Farm Bill Reauthorization. All three are designed to identify and prevent diseases in the animal agriculture industry.  

This issue is of particular interest for our members, considering the recent HPAI outbreak just two years ago. Right now, we are working to get this program included in the final Farm Bill bill at the full funding level. Take just a minute to select the TAKE ACTION link on the right to send a message to Congress.

Support Turkey Industry Priorities in the 2018 Farm Bill

Submit Comments to FDA on Regulation Jurisdiction of Cell-Cultured Products

NTF remains actively involved in Administration activities surrounding the regulation and labeling of cell-cultured protein products. A turf battle over regulatory authority has developed between FDA and USDA-FSIS. FDA in July conducted a public meeting on the issue and post-meeting comments are due Tuesday, September 25. We need your help in making the turkey industry’s voice heard on this important issue.

NTF firmly believes that the current jurisdictional claims made by FDA has the potential to create an uneven regulatory “playing field” between cell-cultured protein and traditional meat and poultry products.

NTF recommends that FDA and USDA utilize the existing regulatory system for traditional meat and poultry, a move that would allow both agencies to play a role in regulating these products. This collaboration would allow FDA the authority for pre-market technology safety approval and, subsequently, would allow USDA/FSIS the authority over food safety and inspection, standards of identity and labeling of cell-cultured protein products.

NTF will be submitting comments to FDA by September 25, and we encourage you to submit comments to FDA in support of the regulatory collaboration between both agencies with the addition of a strong suggestion to accurately name and label the products that have the potential to directly compete with traditionally harvested agricultural products.

The comment period closes on Tuesday, September 25. We would like to garner as many comments in favor of NTF’s position as possible. Please submit comments today by utilizing the online system. 

Submit Comments to FDA on Regulation Jurisdiction of Cell-Cultured Products