Sarah Glunz, MS, CNS, LDN, Lead Nutritionist
Giant Food Stores and Martin's Food Markets
NTF Advisory Board Member

As we head into National Family Meals Month, a national promotion of the benefits of family meals, I find myself reflecting on my own family meals growing up. I realize now how fortunate I was to be raised by parents who emphasized the importance of good nutrition and recognized the benefits of family meals like improved performance in school and improved family relationships. It stands out in my mind that our dinners were always centered on protein with turkey as one of our poultry go-to meal solutions, balanced with veggies and a starch.

As a versatile protein choice, turkey offers more options than ever to help families with quick mealtime solutions, from turkey meatballs to tenderloin to my favorite, turkey cutlets. Need some inspiration for recommendations you can make to your customers? Here are some ideas to help shoppers get outside their mealtime comfort zone:

• One of the most versatile turkey products are cutlets and one of the easiest ways to prepare them is by breading and pan frying. They go perfectly with baked sweet potatoes or mashed butternut squash. Have a favorite marinade or barbecue sauce? Turkey cutlets grill quickly and easily and the leftovers can be a delicious mainstay on a salad or in a sandwich.
• Thin-sliced turkey breast cutlets are perfect for creating roll-ups, and the best part? There are tons of options for fillings! Here’s a recipe to try.

Want to mix it up a bit? Try turkey roll-ups with a variety of combos:
• Ricotta cheese and spinach, topped with tomato sauce
• Spinach and artichoke dip
• Beans and rice, topped with guacamole and salsa
• Cranberry sauce and goat cheese
• Grilled veggies
• Broccoli and cheddar cheese

The family meal traditions continue now that I have my own family, with turkey a regular part of those meals. My son is thankfully an excellent eater and loves everything that includes turkey and the time we spend together at the table.