Good news! You don’t have to get sand in your shoes to feel like you’re at the beach this summer. Thanks to Brenda at A Farmgirl’s Dabbles, you can enjoy your stay-cation with these tasty Grilled Margarita Turkey Kebabs. Marinated in fresh citrus fruits, these turkey kebabs scream summertime at the beach with all the comfort of backyard barbecuing. We were excited to partner with Brenda to bring this recipe to life just in time for warm weather. Based in Minnesota, Brenda couldn’t wait to finally break out the grill after the long winter months. No matter where you are, it’s safe to say this turkey kebab recipe will really put you in the summer spirit!

Turkey tenderloins drink in the flavor of any marinade you pair it with, making this lean protein the perfect match for a zesty combination of tangy citrus juices, a little bit of tequila and spices such as garlic and cumin. Grab a few limes, turn on some tropical tunes and fire up the grill for this island-style treat.

Grilled Margarita Turkey Kebabs mirror the laid-back, simplified vibes of summer, meanwhile packing a flavorful punch. Serve up your kebabs alongside a cilantro salad or on a bed of rice, and don’t forget the margarita. Best enjoyed while wearing a Hawaiian shirt and flip-flops.

P.S. If you’re using wooden skewers for your kebabs, don’t miss Brenda’s tip about soaking them overnight!