“Hear ye, hear ye! It hath been decreed that turkey legs shall henceforth be known as a delicious meal!”

Prithee mind our Renaissance speak, for it doesn’t take a town crier to make turkey legs a growing fan favorite. A popular concession item at amusement parks, state fairs and renaissance festivals, these handhelds are a fun, utensils-free treat for any lively occasion.

And thou better bring an appetite. The giant, juicy drumsticks can weigh up to 1.5 pounds, a hefty portion fit for the bravest of knights… er, the hungriest of people. But don’t be fooled by their novelty. Turkey legs can be served up just like any other cut of meat, providing a nutrient-rich alternative to other center-plate proteins.

So what makes it so tasty? Since turkeys are flightless birds, their leg muscles grow to be much larger and contain more myoglobin than white breast meat. The more myoglobin in meat, the richer the nutrients, which means the dark meat of a turkey leg drinks in the flavor of any added marinade or spice more than any other part of the bird. That makes for some delicious flavor combinations for those who like to get creative in the kitchen.

Don’t just taketh our word for it. Turkey legs are an ever-growing tourist attraction. Sold at Disney World’s six theme parks, jumbo turkey legs are one of their most popular concessions, serving up nearly 2 million legs to park guests each year.

So, what are you waiting for? Your quest awaits! Draw your sword, er, knife and enjoy the delicious flavors of the turkey leg.