Santa’s making his list, and so are we. Our wish list that is! When you’re bringing turkey to the table, be sure you’ve got the best tools to help you create delicious turkey dishes that will take you through the holiday season and beyond. Whether you’re serving up a rustic whole bird recipe or firing up the grill, check out these turkey cooking must-haves:

Carving Knife Set

Essential turkey tool #1 is a carving knife. It may sound obvious, but a good carving knife not only makes the preparation that much easier, but also helps keep your presentation on point. Pun intended!

wooden cutting board
Cutting Board with Juice Groove

Wooden Cutting Board with Juice Groove

The perfect complement to any carving knife? A cutting board. We know that bird will be tender and juicy, so make sure your cutting surface has a groove to catch all the drippings (and prevent extra cleanup).

Roasting Pan with Rack

Channel your inner Ina Garten and break out the roasting pan and rack for that perfect holiday dish. The depth of the pan allows you to add those aromatic vegetables without letting your bird dry out.

digital meat thermometer in a roasted turkey
Digital Meat Thermometer

Digital Meat Thermometer

When it comes to food safety, you can never be too careful! A digital meat thermometer will help check that your turkey is cooked perfectly to 165 °F and safe for you to eat. Verifying the internal temperature also prevents overcooking.

Two-In-One Baster/Infuser

We’re all about that baste! Ensure moist and tender meat by using a baster and infuser to keep the delicious flavors of the turkey melting into the skin. Turkey is tender and juicy on its own but basting and infusing can take your bird to next level taste!

Roasted turkey positioned on a turkey cannon
Turkey Cannon

Turkey Cannon

Tick, tick, boom! An infusion roaster, a.k.a. turkey cannon, is a great way to roast a tender turkey. Use it in an oven or on the grill to get that perfectly golden-brown skin. The cannon elevates the turkey at an angle using a metal tube that you can fill with your favorite craft beer or wine.

Brining Bags

Brining your turkey is just one way to help retain turkey’s moisture and flavor before it’s ready to roast. Brining bags are a safe, disposable way to give your bird a luxurious dunk without the messy cleanup!