Have you ever gone to prepare a whole turkey and been thrown off guard by the giblets, also known as the “stuff” you find in the bag, in the cavity of a raw turkey? If so, you’re not alone!

Giblets consist of the liver, heart, gizzard and neck of a turkey and can appear slightly less appetizing than the tender, delicious turkey breast you might prefer. But before you toss those parts in the garbage, take a moment to consider one of the many ways that you can put those giblets to good (and tasty) use!

No matter what style of cooking you prefer, there is room for those extra turkey parts in any cuisine! MomsDish has us drooling with her fall-off-the-bone Classic Turkey Neck recipe rooted in traditional Ukrainian cuisine. Or if comfort food is more your style, Southern Smoked Turkey Necks from I Heart Recipes is “so good you’ll slap yo’ mama!” If all else fails, you can roast, smoke or even boil your necks for a flavorful yet simple turkey stock.

Gravy is poured over turkey and stuffing on a plate
Photo of Pioneer Woman’s Giblet Gravy

If you still don’t believe us, trust the experts! Just head to the Pioneer Woman’s holiday treasure trove and put the neck and giblets to the taste test in this decadent giblet gravy. This recipe only takes about five minutes to prepare but it packs a flavorful punch that goes perfect when drizzled over white or dark meat.

Putting the giblets (and all parts of the turkey) to good use not only provides plenty of delicious food options, but also helps crack down on food waste. Roughly 40 percent of food consumers purchase in the United States winds up in the garbage, so let’s do our part to keep as much of the turkey on the table (and in our bellies) as possible.

Rest assured the giblets are a delicious and useful part of the bird that you’ll want to stick your neck out for!