The National Turkey Federation (NTF) and its members congratulate Kerry Doughty, 2019 NTF chairman and former CEO of Butterball, LLC, as the recipient of the 2020 NTF Lifetime Achievement Award.

Doughty received the NTF Lifetime Achievement Award during a ceremony at NTF’s 2020 Annual Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, on Saturday, February 15. Randy Day, a longtime friend and current CEO of Perdue Farms, presented Doughty with the award. Several members of Doughty’s family, including his wife, Jan, were present as well as close friends and former colleagues.

During the presentation, Day said: “Kerry and I worked together for many years. During that time, I came to admire his strong work ethic, his devotion to friends and family and his decision-making ability…Kerry is a role model for all of who aspire to achievement in business, in family and life itself. It is my honor and privilege to present you with the National Turkey Federation’s Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Doughty has been involved in the food industry for more than 46 years. He joined Butterball, LLC as executive vice president of sales, marketing, and research and development in 2007 after a lengthy career in foodservice sales and branding. He was named president and CEO in 2014 and was responsible for developing forward-thinking business strategies, including the launch of the company’s first “no antibiotics ever” and organic product lines and the creation of Butterball’s Animal Care and Well-Being program. In 2018, Doughty was named the Poultry Person of the Year by Urner Barry. He has served on NTF’s Executive Committee since 2014.

Photo: Kerry Doughty (left), 2019 NTF chairman and former CEO of Butterball, LLC, was presented the NTF Lifetime Achievement Award by Randy Day (right), longtime friend and CEO of Perdue Farms.