Ask a farmer when National Ag Week is, and they’ll probably look a little puzzled – for them, it’s every week. But for those who are not involved in the food supply chain, it is important to take time to highlight the abundance provided by modern agriculture. That’s why NTF is joining in celebrating National Ag Week!

A family posing for a photo in a turkey barn

As part of the turkey industry, NTF members have a front row seat to the countless ways agriculture feeds people around the world, creates jobs and helps in maintaining a strong economy. This week serves as our opportunity to spotlight the hard-working men and women on the farm, in the plant and everywhere in between – animal health, packaging, equipment, transportation and more – who play a role in the production, processing and delivery of more than 240 million turkeys each year.

Specifically, those in the animal agriculture industry know that caring for animals is more than a full-time job – it’s a lifestyle that often continues long after business hours, over weekends and during holidays. Even still, many NTF members and companies go above and beyond through service in their communities in times of need. These contributions do not go unnoticed.

As we reflect on National Ag Week and the impact of agriculture, it seems fitting perhaps now more than ever that we show gratitude for the thousands of men and women who make up the turkey industry and keep the world fed with wholesome, nutritious turkey products.

Thank you, to the members of the turkey industry, for all that you do – today and every day!