Gather ‘Round the Table with 2021 NTF Chairman Phil Seger

Table Talk Graphic

Welcome to the table! The National Turkey Federation is pleased to kick off our new Table Talk series, where we break down the intricacies of the turkey industry and give consumers a behind-the-screens look at the hardworking men and women who help bring turkey to tables across the world.

From family farms, in the plant and everywhere in between – animal health, packaging, equipment, transportation and more – Table Talk introduces you to special guests who sustain the production, processing and delivery of nearly 230 million turkeys each year.

In this edition of Table Talk, Phil Seger, 2021 NTF Chairman and Vice President of Live Turkey Operations for Farbest Farms, Inc., joins NTF via Zoom to share a broad overlook of his personal experience as a leader in the turkey industry. From discussing Farbest’s unique role in America’s turkey supply chain to his family’s favorite way to prepare turkey (hint: there’s smoke involved!), there is no shortage of things to learn about NTF’s new chairman.

What’s Next for Table Talk?

Tune in next month when we hit the road with a special guest as they give their perspective on the role of transportation in the turkey industry.