Let’s get right to the point. Throwing a delicious meal on the grill doesn’t get easier than turkey on a stick. Juicy, tender turkey paired with an assortment of fresh fruits and/or vegetables…the meal practically makes itself!

turkey kebabs on a tray
Aloha Turkey Skewers

Aside from being a colorful addition to your grill grate, turkey skewers are also versatile and can be served in a variety of flavor profiles and combinations. Because turkey naturally drinks in the flavors used to marinate, sauce or glaze it, there’s no better protein to create an easy summertime meal that pleases the whole family – and those tastebuds!

We don’t want to skew your perception, but we’re pointing out a few of our favorite turkey skewer recipes so you can give these fun handhelds a stab for yourself.

Skip the takeout box and bring the flavors from your favorite Chinese menu item to your grill. Grilled Sweet and Sour Kebabs couple the tanginess of citrus with rich turkey thighs for an unbelievable, yet familiar, combination on your plate.

Let your hair down with Margarita Turkey Kebabs marinated in fresh lime and orange juices, garlic, chili powder, cumin and, you guessed it, tequila! Simply alternate the thread with small pieces of red onion, and you’ve got a flavor fiesta on your hands.

Say “Aloha” to your new favorite dish! Aloha Turkey Skewers are loaded with fresh produce and a powerful combo of citrus and spice. We couldn’t think of a dish more perfect for a backyard luau.

Note: Wooden skewers can burn easily over a hot grill. Soaking them in warm water for 10-30 minutes before threading will keep the skewers from cooking along with the food.

Tex-mex turkey kebab bowl on table
Tex-Mex Turkey Kebab Bowl

Skewers and kebabs can also be a great way to cook small bites of turkey more quickly than a traditional cut. Don’t worry, you don’t have to skimp on the fresh produce and flavor in these recipes. Simply grill the skewers (to an internal temperature of 165°F!), detach and arrange atop your choice of fruits, veggies, grains or noodles. The options are endless!

Whether you prefer your kebabs in hand, on a plate or as a topping for your own flavorful creation, turkey skewers are a simple, delicious way to reimagine turkey on the grill.