Any way you slice it, turkey is our favorite protein between two pieces of bread! In this edition of the National Turkey Federation’s Table Talk, we hear from Weber Inc. about the company’s role in helping turkey processors large and small deliver the products we love to our grocery stores, kitchen tables and lunch boxes. Weber may be best known for supplying industrial turkey slicing systems that pre-slice turkey products available in grocery stores or sandwich shops. However, the company is also a solutions provider working to help their customers with a variety of automation needs.

Food Safety First

What’s does Weber’s Zach Bearson wish consumers knew about the turkey industry? The industry’s focus – up and down the supply chain – on food safety and the amount of effort that goes into making the entire process and our products as safe as possible. As an equipment supplier, Weber is committed to doing their part to ensure food safety by providing hygienic solutions for the turkey industry.

It’s an exciting year for Weber as the family-owned company celebrates 40 years in business and 25 years of operating in the United States. Take a little trip to Kansas City to get to know the Weber team better by checking out the video below. You don’t even have to pack your bags!

What’s Next for Table Talk?

The next edition of Table Talk takes us back to the very beginning…a very good place to start. Stay tuned as the NTF team continues our conversations with members throughout the turkey supply chain.