Have you ever wondered how the turkey chops or deli meats you pick up in the grocery store are so precisely portioned and shingled before being packaged? There’s a whole lot of technology and innovation behind just about every turkey product in the meat case. We’re not just talking about improvements on the farm. Equipment in the processing plant plays an important part in ensuring the turkey industry can safely and efficiently deliver turkey products to consumers. In this edition of NTF’s Table Talk, Michael Krieger, Director of Sales for Multivac, joined us from the company’s North American headquarters in Kansas City. We appreciate Michael and his team for taking the time to guide us down the line as we learned more about Multivac’s portfolio of solutions and options for automation.

Multivac has over 6,000 employees globally and nearly 500 associates in the United States. In addition, we learned that 2021 is a special year for the company. They’re celebrating 60 years in business!

What Should Consumers Know About the Turkey Industry?

We asked Michael what he wishes consumers better understood about the turkey industry and turkey processing. His answer was pretty straightforward: food safety. Due to years of experience, continuous innovations and hygienic designs, they should feel comfortable in knowing that the turkey industry is doing everything to provide a safe product to the consumer.

P.S. Honestly, we could watch the turkey products run on the conveyor belt all day long – it’s almost hypnotizing! Plus, we encourage you to stick around for the end when some curious members of the flock make an appearance…

What’s Next for Table Talk?

We look forward to hearing from Farm Credit in an upcoming Table Talk feature about how the organization supports turkey farmers and rural communities in their efforts to grow and succeed. So, stay tuned as NTF continues our conversations with members throughout the turkey supply chain.