The National Turkey Federation (NTF) is pleased to continue its partnership with the Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) to kick off the third year of the Turkey Smoke Series, which encourages both professional and amateur pitmasters to showcase the versatility and creativity of using turkey on the smoker or grill. The Turkey Smoke Series will feature a turkey category in barbeque competitions across the United States during the 2022 barbeque season. Pitmasters and Contest Organizers love that the Turkey Smoke Series adds thousands of dollars in extra prize money, trophies and bragging rights at numerous KCBS-sanctioned barbeque contests. Certified Barbeque Judges appreciate the opportunity to judge another delicious category of protein! Winning entries will also be featured across KCBS and NTF digital platforms.

In addition to the Turkey Smoke Series, KCBS and NTF are pleased to announce the second annual Turkey Smoke Team of the Year program; allowing Turkey Smoke competitors to earn points for each of the Turkey Smoke Series events at KCBS-sanctioned contests in which they compete. Teams will accumulate points from their five highest scores from a Turkey Smoke Series contest. The highest points winner will be crowned the 2022 Turkey Smoke Series Team of the Year! Chiles Cridlin, head cook of Wolf’s Revenge BBQ team from Henrico, Virginia, earned the inaugural title of Turkey Smoke Team of the Year champion in the 2021 barbeque season.

“We are delighted to build upon the successful Turkey Smoke Series showcasing the versatility and flavor of turkey through barbeque,” said Emily Detwiler, Chief Executive Officer of the Kansas City Barbeque Society. “This has been a great way to drive additional value for Pitmasters, Contest Organizers, Judges, Turkey Producers, KCBS and the National Turkey Federation by including an additional protein into a KCBS barbeque competition, while allowing pitmasters the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity. The addition of the Turkey Smoke Team of the Year program encourages pitmasters to attend multiple contests within the season’s Turkey Smoke Series.”

“Turkey Smoke is a natural fit in competition barbeque, and we’ve seen real momentum growing around the category,” said Beth Breeding, Vice President of Communications and Marketing for the National Turkey Federation. “We are delighted to continue this partnership between KCBS and America’s turkey industry to present the third year of the Turkey Smoke Series as competitors highlight the versatility of turkey and bring some big flavor to the pit. We hope you’ll check out what everyone is gobbling about and look for a Turkey Smoke Series contest near you.”

As part of the Turkey Smoke Series, Turkey Smoke will be integrated into 25 competitions across the country, including the category’s fifth appearance at the American Royal World Series of Barbecue™. It will culminate at the Kansas City Barbeque Society World Invitational Championship! To learn more about the Turkey Smoke Series and to check for updates on scheduled events and dates, please visit or