Need a vacation from the usual? Jump aboard to unlock Global Gobbler status with grilled turkey favorites! Your itinerary includes stops in three countries with no passport required. First, to sunny Jamaica for three tantalizing takes on jerk turkey. The next stop on your turkey travels is Korea for the time-honored tradition of Korean barbecue. The last stop on the turkey tour de flavor is Japan, where two popular appetizer recipes will take turkey to delicious heights.

First stop: Jamaica

Welcome to the islands! How about three recipes for a classic Jamaican jerk featuring turkey? There’s the traditional Jerk Turkey Sandwich with Coconut Mango Chutney for a recipe that keeps the heat at bay by using a sweet fruit chutney to balance out the spice in the marinade. Next up is the Grilled Jerk Turkey Salad that layers fresh, juicy mango with char-grilled, marinated turkey for the perfect bite of summer. Looking for one last taste of the islands? Before you head out, try Jerk Turkey Tacos that pack in the heat of jerk turkey and then cool things down with a refreshing cucumber slaw.

Next up: Korea

Long flight? You must be hungry! Luckily, Korean barbecue is on the menu. Turkey Dak Bulgogi is a classic Korean barbecue preparation with turkey taking the lead for an added twist. First up, a little fusion by way of Turkey Dak Bulgogi Tacos. Bold flavors like kimchi and chili paste meld with sticky sweet, marinated and grilled turkey cutlets. Another fun, fresh recipe to consider is Turkey Dak Bulgogi Rice Bowls. Crunchy broccoli and fluffy steamed rice are the perfect textural complements to char-grilled turkey. Swap out the sriracha with teriyaki to turn the spice down a notch or two. The third and final stop on your culinary tour of Korean barbecue is Turkey Dak Bulgogi Salad with Charred Scallion Dressing. Eating healthy never tasted this good! With crunchy carrots and cashews along with juicy grilled bulgogi turkey, you’ll be smitten with this salad.

Last Stop: Japan

We’ve decided to save the best for last, or at least the first thing served last. These two grilled appetizer recipes are massively popular in Japanese cuisine. Yakitori, while traditionally served with chicken, is the perfect match for turkey. For the first dish, Tsukune Yakitori, ground turkey is rolled into meatballs, skewered and then grilled and glazed with sauce. For the second, Mune Yakitori, chunks of juicy turkey are grilled and given a similar glaze over hot coals. You’ll never have a trip around the globe like the one you’ll take when you try new flavors with turkey. Bookmark these grilled turkey favorites for a journey your taste buds won’t forget!

Turkey Yakitori