NTF Standards of Conduct

NTF members sanding in a turkey barn

America’s turkey growers raise healthy birds in a safe environment to produce wholesome, nutritious, affordable food for people around the world. The National Turkey Federation, with the help of veterinarians, academics and industry professionals, has established standards through our Animal Care Guidelines. 

Turkey producers and processors represented by the National Turkey Federation, and our members in state turkey associations, are committed to raising and producing turkeys for safe, high-quality, nutritious food following our Standards of Conduct.

Our standards include federal, state and local laws that enhance food safety, animal wellbeing and protection of soil and water resources and guide our farmers as good stewards in the communities where we work and live. Our Standards of Conduct align with ethical treatment of animals, production of wholesome quality meat, respect and value of our workers and the wise use of land and water resources.

Working with veterinarians and generations of experienced growers, we have animal welfare standards that we follow at every stage of a turkey’s lifecycle. 

America’s turkey growers raise our birds:

NTF Animal Care Guidelines

Auditor Guidelines for Conducting the NTF Turkey Animal Care Audit

NTF Breeder Audit

NTF Catching and Transportation Audit

NTF Commercial Turkey Audit