Foodservice Holiday Page

The National Turkey Federation has put together a quick-reference guide to assist your operation during the busy holiday months.

Browse through the suggested holiday menu ideas — from appetizers to leftovers – with ideas for a wide range of operations. Included are the American favorites as well as ethnic-inspired menu applications. If you are craving more inspiration, check out the library of 30 professional chef demonstrations or the comprehensive foodservice manual.








Foodservice Manual

A comprehensive reference on purchasing, promoting and preparing turkey year-round. 
Yield from Turkey
Storage & Thawing
Cooking Turkey
Holding Cooked Turkey
Turkey Stock
Boning, Carving, Slicing

Holiday Fun Facts
Entertain your guests this holiday season with holiday fun facts. Guests of all ages will enjoy reading the interesting information on your menu, specials board and even your advertising.

Turkey. The Perfect Protein® Logo
Turkey is an American favorite during the holiday period, but can also be a menu success year-round. Promote the versatile and tasty protein on your menu by downloading our logo.

See what other culinary professionals present to their holiday guests.