Previous Initiatives of the NTF Foundation

Iowa State University Turkey Teaching & Research Facility

In 2022, the NTF Foundation helped fund a portion of Iowa State University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences new Stanley L. Balloun Turkey Teaching and Research Facility located in Ames, Iowa. This is the only facility of its kind focused on turkey production at a major university. The facility provides students a unique opportunity for hands-on learning about turkey management and production practices along with state-of-the-art equipment for research to advance science and address current industry challenges. In addition, the facility offers observation areas to allow visitors to view turkey production systems and educate the public about turkey production.

Ribbon cutting ceremony in 2022 at Iowa State University’s Stanley L. Balloun Turkey Teaching & Research Facility in Ames, Iowa.

“The foundation provides focus on new and emerging challenges associated with the turkey industry. We cannot rest on our laurels and expect to have a yellow brick road provided for us without putting critical investment into the industry’s infrastructure to ensure the future is bright for years to come. The foundation has the ability to assist in addressing critical issues of our collective future.”

Damon Wells – National Turkey Federation Foundation Manager