Bacon-Wrapped Turkey Fillet in Black Bean Barbecue Sauce

Culinary Setting
Boneless Breast


4 tbsp corn oil

2 Large yellow onions, finely diced

2 qt water

1 tbsp kosher salt

1 tsp freshly ground white pepper

2-1/2 c yellow cornmeal

12 Medium poblano peppers

12 Medium red bell peppers

4 c sweet corn kernels, cooked

2-1/2 c black beans, cooked

1-1/2 c black bean cooking liquid

1 qt barbecue sauce

1 c flour

1 c ground cumin

28 tbsp corn oil


12 Large tomatoes, peeled, sliced and oven dried


Cornmeal Cubes

Heat 2 tablespoons corn oil in saucepan, add onions and sauté until well softened. Add water, kosher salt and white pepper; increase heat to high. When water boils, whisk in cornmeal. Cover, reduce heat to low and cook for 16 minutes.

Brush 2 half-size sheet pans with remaining 2 tablespoons corn oil. Divide cooked cornmeal evenly between 2 pans; spread quickly to make even layers.

Chill thoroughly and cut into ½-inch cubes. Cover and reserve.


Roast, fry or grill poblano and red peppers until blackened. Peel and carefully remove seeds. Cut two 2¾-inch circles from each pepper. Reserve.

Puree poblano and red pepper trimmings separately.

Puree corn kernels and divide in half. Whisk ½ cup poblano pepper puree into one portion and ½ cup red pepper puree into the other.

Pour purees into separate squeeze bottles. Reserve.

Black Bean Barbecue Sauce

Puree beans with their cooking liquid. Whisk puree into barbecue sauce, heat through and hold. If sauce is too thick, thin with water or additional barbecue sauce.


Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

Combine flour and cumin.

Heat 1-tablespoon corn oil for each turkey medallion in an oven proof sauté pan. Dust both sides of medallions in flour-cumin mixture and cook 2 minutes over medium-high heat. Turn and cook 1 minute.

Finish medallions in hot oven for 9 minutes. Remove and let cool for 1-2 minutes.

Heat oven-dried tomato slices and pepper slices in oven for 1 minute.

Halve medallions. Place one slice each of tomato, poblano pepper and red pepper on the bottom half of each medallion. Replace top half and heat in oven 1½ minutes.


Fry cornmeal cubes and drain.

Place stuffed medallion on dinner plate and top with 2½ ounces barbecue sauce.

Place 7-9 cornmeal cubes on plate and drizzle with additional barbecue sauce, poblano puree and red pepper puree.

Nutrition Facts

Total Calories 550

Calories from Fat 220

Total Fat 25 g

% Daily Total Fat 38

Saturated Fat 4 g

% Daily Saturated Fat 20

Cholesterol 80 g

% Daily Cholesterol 27

Sodium 790 mg

% Daily Sodium 33

Total Carbohydrates 45 g

% Daily Total Carbohydrates 15

Dietary Fiber 10 g

% Daily Dietary Fiber 40

Sugars 10 g

Protein 37 g

% Daily Protein 90

% Daily Vitamin C 240

% Daily Calcium 8

% Daily Iron 35