Black Forest Bagel Sandwich



6 cinnamon raisin bagels, sliced and lightly grilled or toasted

18 oz SMOKED TURKEY HAM, thinly sliced

6 pineapple rings, grilled

Lettuce leaves, washed, dried and chilled As needed

3 oz honey walnut cream cheese, commercial



Lay split bagels on a flat surface.

Portion 3 ounces of turkey ham, layering slices over each bagel bottom section.

Top turkey with pineapple, then lettuce.

Spread 1/2-ounce cream cheese over each bagel top section. Add top bagel half.

Nutrition Facts

393 Total Calories

10 g Total Fat

66 g Cholesterol

1269 mg Sodium

57 g Total Carbohydrates

20 g Protein