Braised Turkey in Red Wine with Sweet Potatoes & Red Cabbage



2 c dry red wine

2 tbsp dry cherries

2 Sticks cinnamon

2 lbs TURKEY BREAST, trimmed & cut into cubes

Salt and freshly ground black pepper As needed

Vegetable oil As needed

8 oz red onion, chopped fine

2 Cloves garlic, minced


1 lb sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into cubes

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1/4 c dried cherries, pre-soaked in water and drained

1 tbsp unsalted butter

1 tsp sugar

Salt and freshly ground black pepper As needed

Vegetable oil As needed

6-oz onion, thinly sliced

1 lb red cabbage, shredded

1 Clove garlic, finely diced

4 oz tart apple, peeled and thinly sliced


Salt and freshly ground black pepper As needed




1. Combine red wine, cherries and cinnamon sticks. Reduce the wine by one-half.

2. Season the turkey with salt and pepper.

3. Over medium-high heat, heat enough oil in a pan to film the bottom. Sear turkey to a deep brown on all sides.

4. Remove turkey and reserve.

5. Add onion and to the pan and cook until golden brown. Add garlic and cook until


6. Return turkey cubes to pan. Add turkey stock and red wine reduction.

7. Bring to a gentle simmer over low heat, braising for about 40 minutes .

8. Adjust seasonings with salt and pepper.


1. Cook cubed potatoes in water until tender enough to easily mash.

2. Add cinnamon, cherries, butter and sugar. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Mix well.


1. Heat oil in a sauté pan, add onions. Sauté until they begin to turn translucent.

2. Add red cabbage and garlic and sauté for an additional 5-6 minutes or until red cabbage wilts.

3. Add apple and sauté for 2-3 minutes.

4. Add stock and simmer until almost all liquid is reduced.

5. Season with salt and pepper.



Nutrition Facts

550 Total Calories

170 Calories from Fat

19 g Total Fat

29 % Daily Total Fat

3 g Saturated Fat

18 % Daily Saturated Fat

100 g Cholesterol

33 % Daily Cholesterol

820 mg Sodium

34 % Daily Sodium

41 g Total Carbohydrates

14 % Daily Total Carbohydrates

6 g Dietary Fiber

24 % Daily Dietary Fiber

18 g Sugars

42 g Protein

250 % Daily Protein

100 % Daily Vitamin C

10 % Daily Calcium

20 % Daily Iron