Gorgonzola and Smoked Turkey with Endive Salad

Culinary Setting
Meal Type
Smoked Turkey


12 oz Gorgonzola, DIVIDED

1 oz dry sherry

2 oz heavy cream

1 tbsp cracked black pepper

30 Medium Belgian endive leaves

15 Jumbo seedless red grapes, halved

30 sugar toasted walnut halves

1/2 c fresh orange juice

1/2 c white wine vinegar

1 tbsp honey

1 tsp shallots, minced

2 tsp extra virgin olive oil

To Taste kosher salt and cracked black pepper

1 tsp fresh basil, chiffonade

1/2 c red onion, julienned

1 c Belgian endive, julienned

3 oz chicory frisse

1 lb SMOKED TURKEY BREAST, julienned

2 Large Navel oranges, segmented



Puree in food processor 1 cup Gorgonzola with sherry and heavy cream. Season with pepper.

With a small round tip, pipe mixture into Belgian endive leaves. Top each with grape half and walnut.

Cover and hold in refrigerator for service.


Combine orange juice, vinegar, honey and shallots. Cook until reduced by 1/3.

Add olive oil and adjust seasonings.

Chill and add basil just before plating.


Combine onion, julienned endive, chicory, turkey, orange segments and remaining ½ cup Gorgonzola. Toss in dressing just before plating.


For each plate: on a 9-inch chilled plate, arrange salad mixture in center and add 3 stuffed endives with tips toward rim of plate.

Nutrition Facts

Total Calories 290

Calories from Fat 160

Total Fat 17 g

% Daily Total Fat 26

Saturated Fat 9 g

% Daily Saturated Fat 45

Cholesterol 60 g

% Daily Cholesterol 20

Sodium 1190 mg

% Daily Sodium 50

Total Carbohydrates 15 g

% Daily Total Carbohydrates 5

Dietary Fiber 4 g

% Daily Dietary Fiber 16

Sugars 9 g

Protein 18 g

% Daily Protein 20

% Daily Vitamin C 40

% Daily Calcium 25

% Daily Iron 6