Mexican Turkey Burger




3 c sliced ripe olives

2 c chopped green onions

1/4 c minced jalapeno pepper

2-1/2 tbsp minced garlic

3/4 c freshly squeezed lime juice

5 tbsp chili powder

2 tbsp ground cumin

1 tbsp ground sage

1 tbsp salt

24 (2-1/2 oz) onion rolls, split and toasted

1-1/2 lbs avocados, sliced

3 c prepared salsa

1-1/2 c sliced ripe olives


Turkey Burgers

In a large mixing bowl, combine turkey, ripe olives, green onions, jalapenos and garlic. Season with lime juice, chili powder, cumin, sage and salt. Mix thoroughly.

Divide mixture into 24 (approximately 5-1/4 ounce) patties. Cover, refrigerate and hold for service.



Per order: grill turkey burgers over medium-high direct heat for 4-5 minutes on each side until internal temperature reaches 165 degrees F.

Place each cooked turkey burger on the bottom half of toasted onion roll.

Garnish each with 2-3 slices of avocado, 2 tablespoons salsa and 1 tablespoon sliced ripe olives. Cover with top half of bun just before serving.


Nutrition Facts

448 Total Calories

18 g Total Fat

122 g Cholesterol

983 mg Sodium

39 g Total Carbohydrates

34 g Protein