Over-the-Top French Toast

45 MIN


22 lbs TURKEY HAM, Deli Style

2 #10 Cans Sliced Apples

1-1/2 c Sugar

1-1/2 tsp Ground Cinnamon

100 Slices Cinnamon Glazed French Toast


Slice turkey ham thinly and weigh 100 3.5-ounce portions.

Wrap, label, and store in the refrigerator until ready to use.

Combine apples, sugar and cinnamon in a full size 4-inch steam table pan and stir to combine.

Add water to equal 1-1/2 cups liquid. Combine well.

Cover steam table pan.

Bake, in a preheated 350 degree F oven, for 25-30 minutes or until the apples are tender.

Meanwhile, line full size sheet trays with parchment paper.

In a single layer, arrange the French toast slices atop the parchment paper.

Bake in a preheated 350 degree F oven for 10 minutes.

Top each French toast slice with one 3.58-ounce portion turkey ham and return to the oven for an additional 5-10 minutes or until it comes to about 75-80 degrees F.

Remove from the oven and place in a hot holding unit or on the hot serving line with the cooked apples.

ASSEMBLY AND SERVICE: Place a slice of the French toast with turkey ham on the serving trays. Portion 1/4 cup hot apples over turkey ham.