Rappin’ Turkey Wrap

Culinary Setting
Deli Turkey


2-1/2 Gallons chopped broccoli, frozen, thawed and well drained

2-1/2 qt ranch dressing

8 lbs fat-free cream cheese

100 10-inch flour tortillas

14 lbs OVEN ROASTED TURKEY BREAST, boneless, sliced thin

4 lbs low-fat Cheddar cheese, sliced thin



In a large bowl, combine chopped broccoli and ranch dressing. Toss mixture until it is well-blended.

With a metal spatula, spread 1 tablespoon softened cream cheese down the center of each tortilla.

Place 2 ounces of sliced turkey and 1 ounce of Cheddar cheese in a layer atop the cream cheese.

For each tortilla, place 1/3-cup broccoli mixture on top of the turkey and cheese. Spread broccoli mixture so that it is evenly distributed.

Starting at the bottom edge of each tortilla, roll it up tightly. Cut each wrap diagonally in half.

Cover and refrigerate until service.


Nutrition Facts

1 wrap Serving Size

432 Total Calories

12 g Total Fat

25 % Daily Total Fat

42 g Cholesterol

48 g Total Carbohydrates

34 g Protein