Rosemary Orange Turkey Brine

By Robyn Lindars, GrillGirl
Culinary Setting
8 HR

About this Dish

“Many people ask, is it worth brining your turkey? The question to ask them in return is, do you like moist turkey? If you like moist, juicy turkey, then the answer is YES!

“There are a couple of ways you can brine a turkey. In this recipe, I add the flavors of orange and rosemary to the saltwater bath, but feel free to customize and make your own with the spices and flavors that complement the seasoning of your bird. Once you brine, you won’t ever go back.” – Robyn Lindars, GrillGirl

Pro Tip: This brine is a great base for our Rosemary Lemon Spatchcocked Turkey!

Cooking Style
Dish Type
Turkey Brine


2.5 qt water

2 c sea salt

1 ½ c sugar

1 large orange, sliced

8 sprigs rosemary

4 tbsp peppercorns

4 bay leaves


Combine all ingredients in a large 12-quart stock pot and bring to simmer long enough for the the sugar and salt dissolve in the mixture.

Once the mixture has cooled, submerge your turkey in the pot.

If your turkey does not fit, use a cooler lined with a trashbag where you put the turkey and brine solution in to separate it from the ice to keep it cool. Brine the turkey overnight or for a minimum of 8 hours.

This brine is a great base for our Rosemary Lemon Spatchcocked Turkey recipe.