Turkey and Cranberry Pate

Culinary Setting
Meal Type
Boneless Breast



1/4 Loaf white bread

1/2 c heavy cream

3 Large eggs, beaten

To Taste salt and freshly ground black pepper

1/2 c dried cranberries

1/2 c English walnuts, chopped


Remove skin without puncturing the meat. Reserve skin. Cube turkey breast, cover and chill. Grind chilled turkey cubes through coarse, then fine dies.

Trim crust from bread and discard crusts. Soak soft bread in heavy cream to make a panada.

Combine ground turkey, panada, eggs, salt, pepper, cranberries and walnuts.

Lay out a sheet of plastic wrap and place reserved turkey skin on plastic.

Spread turkey mixture on top of skin. Using the plastic, roll the skin around the turkey twisting the sides of the plastic to form a large sausage link with the plastic wrap as the casing.

Wrap again in foil, twisting the sides.

Place in a 4-inch deep pan and cover half way with water.

Place in a preheated 325-degree F oven and cook until the internal temperature of the turkey sausage reaches 165 degrees F.

Cool thoroughly. Slice and serve 4-ounces pate with French baguette slices. Garnish as desired.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 4-ounces pate with 1-ounce French baguette slices