Turkey Black Bean Guiso (Mexican Stew)

By Kirk Parks
Culinary Setting
Boneless Breast


3/4 Gallon TURKEY STOCK, skimmed

4 lbs TURKEY BREAST, cubed

12 c black beans, soaked, cooked & drained

3 Whole onions, minced

4 c carrots, peeled and chopped

3 c potatoes, peeled and diced

1 Each jalapeno, seeded and minced

1 Bunch cilantro, washed and chopped

To taste kosher salt

1-1/2 c tomatoes, peeled, seeded & chopped

12 lime wedges, seeded

As needed flour tortillas


Combine turkey stock, turkey, cooked beans, onions, carrots, potatoes and jalapeno in a large stockpock. Bring to a boil, immediately reduce heat and simmer. Cook until turkey and vegetables are cooked through, about 20-30 minutes.

Add cilantro and season with salt.

Garnish each portion with 2 tablespoons chopped tomatoes and a lime wedge. Serve with warm flour tortillas.

Nutrition Facts

Total Calories 550

Calories from Fat 45

Total Fat 5 g

% Daily Total Fat 8

Saturated Fat 0 g

% Daily Saturated Fat 3

Cholesterol 100 g

% Daily Cholesterol 33

Sodium 1920 mg

% Daily Sodium 80

Total Carbohydrates 67 g

% Daily Total Carbohydrates 22

Dietary Fiber 18 g

% Daily Dietary Fiber 72

Sugars 4 g

Protein 56 g

% Daily Protein 110

% Daily Vitamin C 30

% Daily Calcium 15

% Daily Iron 45