Turkey Braciole



2 oz unsalted butter, melted

2 oz pancetta

1 lb assorted wild mushrooms

1 oz dry white wine

1 tbsp rosemary, freshly chopped

1 tbsp thyme, freshly chopped

1 tbsp basil, freshly chopped

2 tbsp parsley, freshly chopped

2 c bread crumbs

2 oz Asiago cheese, shredded

12 Each TURKEY THIGH CUTLETS, 4 oz each

All purpose flour As Needed

Salt and pepper To Taste

Olive oil for sauteing As Needed



Add the butter to a heated saute pan and add the pancetta and saute until lightly browned. Add the mushrooms and saute until the moisture is removed from the mushrooms.

Deglaze with the white wine and add the fresh herbs. Remove from the heat and let the mixture cool.

Mix the cooled mushroom mixture with the bread crumbs and cheese; season to taste.

Pound out cutlets lightly until they are 1/4-inch thick.

Divide the mushroom mixture evenly among the pounded cutlets; spread mixture evenly to cover the meat.

Roll the meat like a jellyroll, making sure to keep it tight.

Tie with thin butcher's or cotton twine. (Toothpicks can also be used.)

Mix flour with salt and pepper. Dredge lightly in flour and saute until golden brown and thoroughly cooked.

Nutrition Facts

500 Total Calories

230 Calories from Fat

25 g Total Fat

38 % Daily Total Fat

8 g Saturated Fat

40 % Daily Saturated Fat

165 g Cholesterol

55 % Daily Cholesterol

490 mg Sodium

20 % Daily Sodium

21 g Total Carbohydrates

7 % Daily Total Carbohydrates

1 g Dietary Fiber

4 % Daily Dietary Fiber

2 g Sugars

44 g Protein

6 % Daily Protein

2 % Daily Vitamin C

10 % Daily Calcium

25 % Daily Iron