Turkey Chipotle Chili with Roasted Peppers



1/2 c peanut oil


2 Large Spanish onions, chopped

2 Large red bell peppers, seeded and chopped

2 chipotle peppers, reconstituted in 1/2-c hot water, minced

1 c chimayo chili powder or regular light chili powder

1/2 c cumin powder, dry roasted in a hot skillet for 2 minutes

1 #10 Can diced tomatoes

1/2 + Gallon TURKEY STOCK

Sea salt and black pepper To Taste

1/2 c fine ground yellow cornmeal

1 Each yellow, red, orange bell pepper, roasted, seeded & julienned

Blue corn tortilla shards, shredded and fried As needed

1 Bunch fresh cilantro, washed, drained and dried




Heat a heavy bottomed braiser (rondo). Heat peanut oil and add ground turkey. Sauté until turkey is brown.

Add onions and red peppers. Cook with the turkey for 5-10 minutes.

Add the chipotle peppers. Add the chili powder, toasted cumin powder, tomatoes and turkey stock. Maintain 2 gallons liquid during cooking with additional turkey stock. Simmer for one hour.

Season to taste with salt and pepper.

If needed sprinkle the cornmeal on the surface of the chili and blend well to thicken the chili.


Garnish each 8-ounce serving with roasted red, yellow and orange julienned peppers. Add fried blue corn tortilla shards and 1 to 2 sprigs of cilantro.

Yields about 2 gallons.


Nutrition Facts

370 Total Calories

180 Calories from Fat

21 g Total Fat

32 % Daily Total Fat

4 g Saturated Fat

23 % Daily Saturated Fat

105 g Cholesterol

35 % Daily Cholesterol

1280 mg Sodium

53 % Daily Sodium

15 g Total Carbohydrates

5 % Daily Total Carbohydrates

2 g Dietary Fiber

8 % Daily Dietary Fiber

4 g Sugars

31 g Protein

45 % Daily Protein

90 % Daily Vitamin C

10 % Daily Calcium

20 % Daily Iron