Turkey Confit Crepe Ravioli with Huckleberry Sauce

By Executive Sous Chef Josh Bettis


16 oz rendered turkey fat


1 oz huckleberries

1 Each baby red beet, baby golden beet, baby candy stripped beet

2 oz unsalted butter

1 tsp sugar

3 oz huckleberries

1 6-inch crepe


Turkey Confit

Submerge turkey thigh in rendered turkey fat. Bring the fat to a simmer, cover pan with foil and place in a 225 degree F oven. Slowly cook turkey for 3 hours or until turkey meat easily pulls away from the bone. Transfer to a mixing bowl.

Add huckleberries and salt and pepper to taste to the cooked turkey. Cover and set aside.


Braised Baby Beets

Remove the tops from the beets. In a small sauce pot add butter and sugar.

Cover sauce pot and slowly simmer beets in the butter until fork tender.


Huckleberry Sauce

Process huckleberries in a blender and season to taste. Hold for service

Crepe Ravioli and Service

Lay the crepe flat on a cutting board. In the center of the crepe, add the turkey confit filling. Gently fold the crepe into a square "pillow" and flip it over on to a spatula.

Using the spatula, place the ravioli in the center of the plate. Drizzle huckleberry puree decoratively around the plate.

Arrange beets around the plate along with the a few additional huckleberries.