Turkey Deli Sit Upon Sandwich



1 Loaf (1 lb) round Italian or French bread, cut in half cross-wise

1 Jar (6 oz) marinated mushrooms, drained and marinade reserved

1/2 c reduced-calorie mayonnaise

2 Large tomatoes, thinly sliced


4 Slices (1 oz each) Provolone cheese

1 Red onion, thinly sliced

1 Can (2-1/2 oz) sliced black olives, drained



Hollow out centers of both bread halves, leaving 3/4-inch shell. Reserve removed bread for another use.

In small bowl combine mushroom marinade and mayo; spread over each bread shell.

In bottom bread shell evenly arrange half of tomato slices; top with mushrooms, turkey, cheese, onion, black olives & remaining tomato slices. Ingredients will be mounded well above shell rim. Top with remaining bread shell.

Wrap sandwich in 3 to 4 layers of plastic wrap & refrigerate overnight.

Just before serving place wrapped sandwich on solid surface; cover with large cutting board. Sit on top of cutting board and sandwich. This is important to do in order to compress all ingredients before slicing.

To serve, slice sandwich into 8 wedges. * This recipe was adapted from the cookbook, Turkey - The Bird For All Seasons, by Kristie Alm and Pat Sayre.

Nutrition Facts

276 Total Calories

15 g Total Fat

48 % Daily Total Fat

34 g Cholesterol

852 mg Sodium

21 g Total Carbohydrates

15 g Protein