Turkey Ham Tortilla



4 8-inch whole wheat tortillas

4 heaping tbsp light, herbed soft spreadable cheese

8 1-oz slices TURKEY HAM

4 chopped green onions

1 large red pepper, cut into 8 julienne strips

1 large yellow pepper, cut into 8 julienne strips

1 cucumber, peeled, seeded and cut into 8 julienne strips

1 Roma tomato, seeded and cut into julienne strips

8 tbsp alfalfa sprouts



Spread each tortilla with 1 heaping tablespoon herbed cheese and top with 2 slices ham.

Scatter 1/4th of onion over each tortilla.

Arrange 2 strips each of yellow and red pepper, cucumber and 1/4 of tomato strips down center of tortilla and sprinkle with 2 tablespoons alfalfa sprouts.

Fold in top and bottom portions of tortilla. Roll up from side to completely enclose filling. Cooking tip: Fat-free cream cheese with vegetables may be substituted for light cheese spread.

Nutrition Facts

250 Total Calories

8 g Total Fat

4 g Saturated Fat

45 g Cholesterol

1050 mg Sodium

572 mg Potassium

30 g Total Carbohydrates

4 g Dietary Fiber

5 g Sugars

19 g Protein

100 % Daily Protein

270 % Daily Vitamin C

15 % Daily Calcium

25 % Daily Iron