Turkey Ramen

Culinary Setting
Meal Type
Main Course, Entrée
6 HR
Whole Turkey


4 lbs Leftover roasted turkey bones and carcass

4 lbs Turkey legs

64 ea Eggs, medium

4 Tbsp Vegetable oil, divided

1 ea Large onion, skin on, roughly chopped

16 ea Garlic cloves, whole peeled

3-inch knob Ginger One

2 ea Whole leeks, washed and roughly chopped

2 Dozen Scallions, separate white parts and green parts (for garnishing finished soup)

6 oz Button mushrooms, sliced

½ c Shiro miso paste

¼ c Sesame tahini

1 lb Upland cress

16 ea Wafu Dashi

Kosher salt

32 Medium size sous vide bags

4 Tbsp Mayu

32 2-oz servings Sun Noodle brand ramen noodles

½ c Garlic Oil

3 oz Hondashi

4 oz Yamasa


Add turkey bones and legs in a large stockpot and cover with cold water.

Place on a burner over high heat and bring to a boil. Remove from heat as soon as it comes a boil.

While pot is heating, heat 4 tablespoons vegetable oil in a cast iron pan over high heat until lightly smoking.

Add onions, 12 cloves garlic, and ginger. Cook, tossing occasionally until deeply charred on all sides. Set aside.

Once pot has come to a boil, dump water down the drain.

Carefully wash all bones and meat under cold running water, removing any bits of dark marrow or coagulated blood. Bones should be uniform grey/white after you've scrubbed them. Meat should be lightly rinsed.

Return turkey to pot along with charred vegetables, leeks, scallion whites and mushrooms. Top up with cold water.

Bring to a rolling boil over high heat, skim off any scum that appears.

Reduce heat to a simmer and place a heavy lid on top. Once the lid is on, check the pot after 15 minutes. It should be at a slow rolling boil. If not,increase or decrease heat slightly to adjust boiling speed.

Boil broth until turkey legs are completely tender, about 3 hours.

Carefully remove turkey legs. Transfer to a container.

Return lid to pot and continue cooking until broth is opaque with the texture of light cream, about 4 hours longer, add more as necessary to keep bones submerged at all times.

For the Sous Vide Eggs: Adjust sous-vide cooker to 143°F. Prepare an ice bath.

Bring a large pot of water to a boil over high heat.

Gently lower eggs into water using a metal spider or fine mesh strainer.

Cook for exactly 3 minutes then immediately transfer eggs to ice bath and let chill for 1 minute.

Transfer to sous-vide cooker and cook for 45 minutes.

Serve immediately or cool and store in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

Reheat in sous-vide cooker at 135°F for 30 minutes to serve.

Once broth is ready, cook over high heat until reduced to around 4 quarts.

Strain through a fine mesh strainer into a clean pot. Discard solids.

Skim liquid fat from top with a ladle and discard.

Return to a pot on the stove top and keep warm.

Whisk miso paste and tahini into broth.

Grate garlic cloves and whisk into broth.

Season to taste with salt and wafu dashi.

Pick turkey meat from turkey legs and finely shred by hand.

Place in a non-stick skillet and heat over medium-high heat.

Cook, flip and break up the meat occasionally, until crusty and browned all over.

Season to taste with salt and transfer to a bowl. Set aside.

Cook ramen noodles according to package directions, drain.

Heat a wok over medium high heat.

Add garlic oil.

Add ramen noodles and stir fry until golden brown.

Season to taste with Hondashi and Soy Sauce. Place sous vide eggs in bottom of individual serving bowls.

Portion noodles over eggs in serving bowls.

Top with broth, sliced scallion greens, shredded turkey, and upland cress. Drizzle with mayu. Serve immediately.