Won Ton Turkey Soup

Culinary Setting
Meal Type
Lunch, Main Course, Entrée, Soup, Stew, Chili
25 MIN
Cooking Style
Quick and Easy
Ground Turkey


1 lb Lean Ground Turkey

2 tbsp Lower-Sodium Soy Sauce

2 tbsp Fresh Ginger, Peeled And Minced

1/2 c Green Onions, Thinly Sliced

1/2 tsp Salt

1/2 tsp Coarsely Ground Black Pepper

2 tbsp Cornstarch

48 Square Won Ton Skins

2 Large Eggs, Beaten With 2 tbsp Cold Water

5 To 6 qt Water

1 Gallon Turkey Stock Or Low-Sodium Chicken Broth

2 c Button Mushrooms, Cleaned And Thinly Sliced

2 tsp Sesame Oil

3/4 c Green Onions, Thinly Sliced


WON TON WRAPS: Combine ground turkey, soy sauce, ginger, green onions, salt and pepper and gently mix.

Add cornstarch and again, gently mix, as over mixing will cause mixture to be tough.

Spoon a rounded teaspoon of filling in the middle of each won ton wrapper.

Brush wrapper edges with beaten egg to help seal edges.

Fold one corner over the filling toward the opposite corner, creating a triangle.

Fold top of the triangle down. Fold two sides of the triangle in to meet the top. Press to seal it well.

Place the filled won tons on a cookie sheet dusted with cornstarch.

Cover with plastic wrap to keep them moist until they are all filled and ready to cook.

Heat water to a boil in a large stock pot.

Drop in won tons and cook for 4 to 5 minutes. They will rise to the surface when they are done.

Remove won tons with a slotted spoon.

SERVICE: Mix stock, mushrooms and oil in a large saucepot. Bring to a boil.

Add cooked won tons and heat to steaming. Season to taste.

Garnish each serving with thinly sliced green onions.