cheese turkey enchiladas
Cheese Turkey Enchiladas from A Spoonful of Flavor

Cheese, ground turkey, onion, cheese, peppers, cheese… Did we mention cheese?!

Whether you’re team hot dish or team casserole, this Cheese Turkey Enchilada bake will have you dancing to the table in your oven mitts! Thanks to Ashley at A Spoonful of Flavor, we have brought back to life a timeless recipe from the National Turkey Federation that is as good hot and bubbly out of the oven as it is for leftovers: Cheese Turkey Enchiladas.  

Here’s the whole enchilada. This simple combination of ground turkey, cheese and tortillas puts a spin on a traditional Mexican favorite and packs a flavorful punch. Ashley breaks down this recipe step by step incorporating some of our favorite flavors, such as chili seasoning, cumin and garlic. Don’t forget to garnish with lime and a sprinkle of cilantro!

Ground turkey is such a versatile option. Try it in your tacos, burgers, pasta sauces, chili and other recipes that call for ground meat. Plus, ground turkey is a leaner option that will supply your body with plenty of protein to keep the fiesta going.

We could talk about why turkey is a great pick all day, but let’s get back to these enchiladas. Because they are just THAT good. Mix up a margarita (or two), grab some chips and guac and settle in for a Mexican feast at your own table. We’ll try not to be too cheesy, but this recipe will have you eating an enchi-LOT-a servings!