Suns out, buns out! July is National Grilling Month, and what better summertime staple to get cooking over the coals than juicy turkey burgers? Turkey burgers are an easy yet delicious meal that satisfies bite after bite. Dressed up with your favorite toppings or mixed up with fresh flavors, the possibilities are endless if you’re looking to have a little fun in the bun!

Check out a few of our favorite turkey burger recipes below:

  • Get lost in the sauce and whip up delicious turkey burgers right on barbe-cue! Whether you prefer Memphis tang, Kansas City vinegar or Alabama white sauce, BBQ Turkey Burgers bring the perfect punch to your taste buds.
  • Who says veggies go on top of the burger? Mix up your burger blend with Herb Turkey Burgers, a deliciously easy way to get turkey cooking on the grill and bring the flavors of summertime straight to the table.
  • Take the deliciousness of Southern comfort food to the grill! A Turkey Meatloaf Burger is all you need for a meal that’s good for the soul. Pass the mashed potatoes, please?
  • Give your ground turkey a bit of pizazz by turning it into a Southwestern Turkey Burger topped with pineapple pico de gallo. Serve it with tortilla chips and an ice cold margarita to bring this festive meal together.

National Grilling Month is a great time to experiment with your recipe repertoire, but turkey burgers can be enjoyed all year! Just make sure you’re following food safety tips on the grill, including using a digital meat thermometer to verify the internal temperature of your patty reaches 165℉.

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