The table is set, the lighting is perfect and you’re eager to begin the festivities when you hear a familiar ring. The guests are arriving…no, not at the door. Loved ones are dialing in, ready to virtually celebrate the holidays!

Online Thanksgiving celebrations – or Zoomsgivings as we’re affectionately calling them – are likely to increase this year as many Americans choose to stay home for the holidays. For Thanksgiving, Zoom is even lifting its 40-minute limit on free video chats. However, while there may be distance between yourself and those you love, that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the season.

From delicious turkey to festive activities, we’re encouraging consumers to embrace Zoomsgiving and make these unusual celebrations your own. As tempting as it may be to skip the holiday hubbub and pop in a microwave meal, there are many ways to keep time-honored traditions alive and create new memories along the way. In fact, we insist!

Turkey Tasting

turkey roulade sliced
Turkey Breast Roulade

Whether you’re killing time while cooking or showing off your holiday plate during Zoomsgiving, make a plan to get turkey on the table. Share family recipes ahead of time or challenge your loved ones to recreate their own versions from home. A turkey breast roulade or Instant Pot turkey breast are smaller-scale centerpieces that don’t skimp on holiday flavor. For more ideas on how to make the most of a smaller meal, check out our Thanksgiving 101.   

Is it worth cooking for Thanksgiving if it’s just me? Hello, leftovers! And we’re not just talking about a turkey sandwich – although, we certainly don’t judge. Thanksgiving egg rolls, hot pockets and turkey eggs benedict are delicious alternatives to spruce up leftovers in a tasty, creative way. For some irresistible ideas (read: pizza, pasta and more!) check out Looking Forward to Leftovers.

Festive Fellowship

No matter if you plan to celebrate with friends, family or a mix of both, getting together (even virtually) is a treasured part of the holidays. Liven up your Zoomsgiving with this printable Thanksgiving Bingo to keep things light, while also poking a little harmless fun at those you love. Load up your plate, top off your drink and watch the virtual madness unfold as you fill your bingo card! Might we suggest a friendly wager?

Digital Décor

Zoomsgiving background
Cheers! Zoom background

If you’ve been a little lax on the holiday décor this year, need not worry. Add some pizazz to your Zoom Thanksgiving with sliced turkey on a plate, a toast to a friend or by strutting your own turkey tail with one of our custom Zoom backgrounds. Pick from one of our favorites below to download:

The Last Word

Hosting a virtual Thanksgiving may not be the ideal circumstance, but we hope it’s still a welcome time to test out the elasticity of those stretchy pants and reflect on this season of thanksgiving. Plus, how often do you have the power to actually mute a relative?

Enjoy the holiday and all of the goodness that comes along with it – we’re thankful to celebrate with you any way we can. Oh, and make sure to wear pants to Zoomsgiving. 12/10 recommend.