Gather ‘Round with J.B. Hunt Ag Services

Welcome to the table! The National Turkey Federation continues the Table Talk series, giving you a behind-the-screens look at the hardworking men and women who help bring turkey to tables across the world. The turkey production process begins on the farm and ends in the processing plant, but how exactly does turkey get from point A to point B?

J.B. Hunt truck with two men in front
John Putnam (right) and a J.B. Hunt driver helped deliver products to the 2019 Memphis in May Turkey Smoke competition.

Transportation serves a vital role in the turkey industry – both on the live production side and in processing. Specialized trucks and highly trained drivers carefully and safely transport live turkeys to processing facilities for harvesting. Transportation is also critical in the delivery of feed to farms and turkey products to retail.

In this edition of Table Talk, John Putnam, General Manager of Ag Services at J.B. Hunt Transport, joins NTF to share the unique role of the transportation network in the turkey supply chain and the extra level of commitment required to support the animal agriculture industry. Whether trucks are hauling live birds or feed, J.B. Hunt drivers are working hard to sustain the turkey industry one mile at a time.

Next time you’re on the road, keep an eye out for J.B. Hunt trucks!

What’s Next for Table Talk?

Tune in next month when we sit down with another important player in the turkey industry and discuss their role in bringing turkey to your table.