The National Turkey Federation continues the Table Talk series, giving you a glimpse of the hardworking men and women who sustain and support the turkey industry. To truly appreciate the delicious turkey that ends up in your grocery cart, it is important to also understand the careful science and technology that goes into raising turkeys to maturity. Which brings us to a very important discussion…

Hybrid Turkeys employees in a turkey barn
Owen Willems of Hybrid Turkeys (Left) Inspects Some Poults

What came first – the turkey or the egg?

Egg-cellent question! In this edition of Table Talk, NTF welcomes Owen Willems, Director of Research and Development at Hybrid Turkeys, to the table to dive deeper into the science behind breeding healthy turkeys and improving flocks. Willems talks the genetics, innovation and research taking place at the top of the supply chain that begin the process of getting turkey to tables everywhere.

Check out our full conversation about what’s hatching at Hybrid Turkeys below (and keep an eye out for some very precious poults).

What’s Next for Table Talk?

Tune in next month as we break things down with an NTF member from a part of the supply chain that helps hungry flocks gobble up all the feed they need.