Thanksgiving Turkey With A Twist

Of course you’re looking forward to eating turkey this Thanksgiving, but maybe this is the year to break from traditional preparations and try something new. There’s far more you can do with turkey besides roast it.

This Burgundy Braised Turkey recipe is a rich and delicious one pot wonder that may be just the alternative you’re looking for. But if not, there’s a whole host of options in our Recipe Section. Maybe you’re more in the mood for Turkey with Potato Gnocchi or even Peking Turkey Bao Buns. Put a twist on your traditional Thanksgiving turkey and enjoy!

burgundy braised turkey thighs
Burgundy Braised Turkey Thighs

Crazy About Roulades

turkey roulade
Turkey Breast Roulade

Want to wow the crowd? Try a simple, but elegant, turkey breast roulade rolled up with sausage, apples and fennel. Another recipe we love introduces cranberry to the mix. Have a family stuffing recipe passed down by generations? Give it a whirl.

Roulades may sound fancy, but they’re really just a great way to combine tender turkey beast and your favorite holiday flavors. An amateur cook will have no problem tackling this flavorful preparation fit for a smaller crowd. The most important part is to make sure the entire roulade reaches 165°F throughout, filling and turkey.

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Air Fryer

instant pot turkey breast
Instant Pot Turkey Breast

Love the crispiness of a fried turkey? For a smaller meal without the mess and only a fraction of the cook time, take it to the air fryer! Juicy Air Fryer Turkey Breast with Maple Butter is the way to go. One try and you’ll be hooked.

Instant Pot

Limited oven space? Think outside the oven by preparing your holiday turkey in an instant pot. These multifunctional pressure cookers reduce cooking time with delicious results. Check out our post on how to relieve a little holiday pressure by letting your instant pot do the heavy lifting. We may be biased, but our Instant Pot Turkey Breast with a sweet and savory whole grain Dijon mustard crust will be the star of your holiday plate. Or try this more traditional take featuring our favorite Thanksgiving flavors!

Add A Little Smoke

The ultimate way to put a twist on your Thanksgiving turkey is to take it outside! Cooking your turkey over the coals adds a smoky flavor to the meat that’s sure to please while keeping it juicy and tender. Plus, cooking outdoors takes some of that hustle and bustle out of the kitchen.

Whether you’re grilling or smoking, we have all of the how-to guides and recipes you’ll need to become your own backyard pitmaster this Thanksgiving at Here’s a sneak peek at one of our favorites on the smoker – Honey Glazed Smoked Turkey Breast!

Honey Glazed Smoked Turkey Breast

For more information on putting together your Thanksgiving meal, head over to Thanksgiving 101.