Thanksgiving Turkey 101

The Thanksgiving holiday is about breaking bread with the ones you love and celebrating traditions passed down for generations. With turkey as the centerpiece, a Thanksgiving (or Friendsgiving!) feast can play a large part in bringing everyone together. While the thought of tackling the entire Thanksgiving meal can be intimidating, a little bit of advance planning and organization can go a long way in helping your holiday run smoothly. And we’re here to help.

Don’t go at it alone! New home chefs may not have had the opportunity to perfect their cooking skills, but sharing in the meal preparation is one way for seasoned Thanksgiving veterans to impart their wisdom on crafting the traditional family feast. Including newer cooks in the kitchen will help them gain valuable experience – plus, it’s a chance to create new memories of the occasion!

Here are several turkey preparation tips to get you started:

How much turkey should be purchased?

Courtesy of Taste of Home.

How should the turkey be thawed?

​What are the key pointers for stuffing a turkey?

​When is the turkey done?

Have a question while you’re cooking your turkey? There’s a hotline for that! USDA’s Meat & Poultry Hotline is available year-round to answer food safety and recipe questions at 1-888-MPHotline.