If you’re looking to spruce up your grocery store game, don’t pass up the deli aisle. March is National Deli Meat Month, and NTF can’t think of a better way to highlight our favorite protein: turkey!  

Turkey is naturally packed with lean protein as well as essential vitamins and nutrients you need to support a well-balanced diet. And we aren’t just talking about turkey sandwiches. Whether you’re a lunchtime traditionalist or looking to mix things up on your plate, we’ve got some delightful recipes worth sharing this month.

For the brunch squad, deli turkey goes a long way in creating that perfect blend of breakfast coziness with lunchtime energy. Try out Eggs Benedict with Avocado or a Turkey Waffle Sandwich paired deliciously with a Bloody Mary or a cold glass of OJ.

Turkey is a longtime favorite in the lunchbox, and it’s a healthy addition. These Kid’s Turkey Wraps aren’t just for the playground – parents love them, too! For a different flavor profile, try out Tex-Mex Roll-Ups loaded with your favorite toppings and served with salsa. The best part about deli turkey is that you don’t have to sacrifice taste for nutritional value.

Dinnertime is also a great opportunity to incorporate deli meat into a no-hassle meal. Emily Dingmann, the blogger behind My Everyday Table, demonstrates the ease of preparation in her Hawaiian Roll Turkey Sliders. This quick and easy recipe combines the flavors of smoked turkey, melted cheese and a toasty Hawaiian roll baked to perfection that is sure to satisfy the whole family.

From the lunchroom to the dinner table, there is no shortage of reasons for you to get excited about deli turkey in your shopping cart – and on the menu! Get more fun, delicious ideas for what to serve up for National Deli Meat Month by following @ServeTurkey. Tag us and show us how you #tryturkey!