Don’t you forget about…turkey!

We’ve been told since grade school that breakfast is the “most important meal of the day,” but do you know what makes this meal so essential to overall health?

Turkey bacon biscuits on a tray
Turkey Bacon Biscuits

It’s more than just the well-worn phrase that encourages folks to make breakfast part of their daily routine. There are many benefits to enjoying a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is your first chance to give your body essential nutrients it needs for energy, shake off morning grogginess, enhance concentration and maintain a healthy body weight.

However, the reasons for eating breakfast are only part of the equation – it is also important to know what foods give us the maximum opportunity to reap these benefits.

The Mayo Clinic highlights the components of a healthy breakfast: whole grains, fruits or vegetables and low-fat dairy combined with a lean protein source, such as turkey. Packed with lean protein and essential vitamins and nutrients, turkey provides a natural boost of energy and keeps you feeling full until lunch.

As we amplify the importance of starting mornings with a well-balanced breakfast, it is only fitting that March is National Nutrition Month! If you’ve let those New Year’s resolutions start to slide, now is the perfect time to reset and refocus on making smart mealtime decisions.

This month is a great opportunity to share some delicious – and nutritious – turkey recipes and help spread the word about the benefits of turkey no matter the time of day. Check out these recipes to kickstart your morning routine!

Turkey Bacon Biscuits

Turkey Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

Turkey Veggie Scramble

Grilled Smoked Turkey & Hash Brown Wrap

Turkey Bacon Avocado Toast

Breakfast Turkey Scrambler