Whether you’re feeling under the weather or needing to warm up from the inside out, there’s no denying that turkey soup is the ultimate cold weather comfort food. Some may even call it a soup-erior meal.

leftover split pea turkey soup
Leftover Turkey Split Pea Soup

But it’s not just its warmth that makes soup so satisfying. Soups are immune-boosting meals that also help you stay hydrated and full. A study by nutritionist Dr. Miriam Clegg at Oxford Brookes University found that, calorie for calorie, soups are more satiating than solid food. In comparison, soups cause a faster glycemic response and delayed digestion, meaning after eating (slurping?) soup, you feel full more quickly and for longer periods of time.

Adding Flavor to Soup with Turkey

You may have spent more time in your grocery store’s canned goods aisle this year than you’d prefer. And to you, we say, “step away from the can opener!” Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. And by that, we simply mean put some variety in that liquid diet.

The options are endless when it comes to ingredients you can add, making soup a versatile, flavorful meal that also fulfils daily nutrition goals (think carbs, essential vitamins and nutrients and, our personal favorite, protein). Creamy or brothy, chunky or smooth, soup with turkey can be served in many forms and fashions. From leftover holiday turkey trimmings to lean ground turkey, wintertime is turkey’s soup bowl…er…Souper Bowl.

Easy Soup Recipes with Turkey

For those looking to add a different level of comfort to mealtime, we’ve taken stock of some of our favorite recipes with turkey meat that’ll make you say, “miso hungry.” We know, that was a stretch…

Don’t stew over the perfect cold weather meal when you’ve got a whole host of delicious turkey soup options that are satisfying, nourishing and, frankly, Mmm mmm good!