Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.


Burgers and beer. No pairing quite matches the simplicity of this combo. And for those looking to up their backyard burger game, turkey burgers are the perfect canvas.

pint of beer and turkey sliders on tray

Turkey burgers can take on a wide variety of flavor profiles. When it is time to create your masterpiece, spices, rubs, sauces and, lest we forget, toppings provide for endless combinations on the grill.

The perfect burger deserves to be paired with a beer that can complement the richness and complexity of its flavor. Whether you prefer malty or hoppy, light or dark, crisp or smooth, there are plenty of options to choose from when pairing craft beer with turkey burgers. So, before you settle for a convenience store six-pack (not that we’d judge), let’s dive deeper into the countless hopportunities for selecting that perfect pairing.

The Backyard Burger

Nothing screams backyard barbecue time quite like the traditional combination of a basic cheeseburger. Seasoned ground turkey, American cheese, LTO, a kosher pickle on the side and you’ve got a cheeseburger in paradise that would make Jimmy Buffett proud. So, what’s missing? The pronounced bitterness of IPAs and pale ales offer that missing piece to perfectly round out the flavor profile.

Not a fan of the hops? Stick with something lite and crisp, such as a Belgian-style blonde or American lager.

Turkey Meatloaf Burger

turkey meatloaf burger on a plate
Turkey Meatloaf Burger

You like to mix things up. So do we. Turkey meatloaf may be a fan-favorite, but in this burger variation, you’ll want to raise a toast with a nice aromatic pint. Porters and IPAs have complex profiles worth the company of the rich meat mixture and caramelized edges of the burger.

Barrel-aged beer will bring its own unique profile and complement the charcoal flavoring from the grill.

Asian-Style Burger

You’re in for a flavor fusion when whipping up a zesty Asian fusion turkey burger. Instead of going head-to-head with the star of the show, find the perfect co-star. When seasoning with citrus, herbs and heavier spices, your best bet is to stick with lighter flavors. Try a pilsner or kölsch.

Hazy hefeweizens are also fruity yet subtle beers that won’t overpower delicate flavors.

Barbecue Burger

Step aside, the king of the coals has arrived! Barbecue burgers bring bold flavor and drink in the smokiness of the grill. The maltiness of brown or amber lagers pair seamlessly with caramelized onions and the sweetness of the sauce.

If you are looking to share the spotlight, a stout’s dry, sweet, robust flavors can stand up to the boldness of the barbecue.

Southwestern Turkey Burger

In this variation, Southwestern turkey burgers are full of pizazz topped with pineapple pico de gallo. While typically accompanied by a margarita, don’t be afraid to shake things up by trying a trendy American sour or gose to capture that same citrusy, mouth-puckering flavor.

Prost! Slainte! Salud! No matter how you say it, “cheers” to delicious turkey burgers and cold beer!