We all know turkey is the star of Thanksgiving feasts, but what about all the other days of autumn? While pumpkin spice might be nice, a recently published article by Supermarket Perimeter reminded us that there are so many other fall flavors to enjoy. And they pair well with turkey, too! Let’s take a look at a couple of the top trending fall flavors and a few of our favorite recipes to tie in all the ways to try turkey when the leaves start to turn.  


One of the primary components of just about any BBQ sauce, honey has made its way into several of our recipes in BBQ and beyond. We find that a touch of natural sweetness brings out many of the herbs and spices in our favorite turkey dishes (think cranberry sauce). Honey can add layers of flavor lending the right amount of complexity to any bite. It’s worth the buzz. 


It’s true that bacon, and especially maple bacon, can add just the right amount of rich fall flavor to your plate. Much like maple, the rich hardwoods used to smoke bacon lend an earthy sweetness that’s perfect for the season. We are partial to turkey bacon but made sure to include a recipe with the original.

All in all, it’s time for fall. Whichever recipe you choose, make sure to try turkey and tag us if you post about it! We would love to see your adaptation of our favorite fall fowl.  

P.S. Hooked on pumpkin spice? You can still get that PSL fix with your turkey